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SAKE | 磯自慢 (Isojiman)

A self-organised tasting night of this premium maker’s specials thanks to the efforts of sake enthusiast friend JM. Much comparisons have been drawn with, not surprisingly, Burgundy wine, as this particular producer prides itself with the quality of rice being … Continue reading

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SAKE | 勝山 (Katsuyama)

Yet another premium sake domaine owner in town and certainly was an eye opening encounter. Keio-trained Jihei ISAWA (伊澤治平), 12th generation of this 400+ years old domaine, started his career as a banker right at the burst of the bubble … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 大阪焼肉・ホルモン ふたご (Futago)

Managed to try out this much hyped yakiniku place finally by taking a crazy 6-8 pm slot. Must confess if for nothing else, they way they managed the booking system did create much buzz and urge people to come and … Continue reading

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SOBA | いろり(Irori)

Going into probably its third incarnation, this good old izakaya that brought back a lot of memories for LG is now under the management of the Ginza Iwa group in town, featuring some good old edo favourites, namely soba and … Continue reading

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