SOBA | いろり(Irori)


Going into probably its third incarnation, this good old izakaya that brought back a lot of memories for LG is now under the management of the Ginza Iwa group in town, featuring some good old edo favourites, namely soba and unagi. Aiming to revive the ‘soba culture’ in town, this visit was mainly to check out the much hyped sarashina horii (総本家 更科堀井) soba, which is now onto their eighth generation with more than 200 years of history under their belt, serving royals and the likes. Famous for its whiteness in colour, the concept is more like a daiginjo for sake to which the buckwheat was said to have most of its coverings polished away, with only the heart of it remaining to make the noodles. The taste is indeed like what it looks, smooth and to the extend a bit ‘udon’ like, and thus adding their home made shichimi togarashi is much recommended, which indeed is a class of its own. Their special soba sauce is also worth mentioning, with a taste much more robust than most one would have tried. The lunch set tried was kind of value for money too, at HK$ 180 (HK$ 40 extra added for that special soba) one would get also a sashi-don of very decent quality (thanks probably to its Ginza Iwa connection). Good collection of premium sake and shochu as one can see and relatively fair price to be offered at a restaurant given the rarity of some. Certainly the place to practise ‘soba culture’ in town, probably a long lunch over the weekend.

(Update: Shop closed – 2016)

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