YAKINIKU | 大阪焼肉・ホルモン ふたご (Futago)


Managed to try out this much hyped yakiniku place finally by taking a crazy 6-8 pm slot. Must confess if for nothing else, they way they managed the booking system did create much buzz and urge people to come and see for themselves what the fuss is all about. From a humble beginning in Gotanda, this chain started by the Lee twin brothers from Osaka of Korean origin, at the young age of 30, is now certainly a force to reckon with in the world of yakiniku. What certainly makes it stand out is its atmosphere, and credit should really be given to the management to have tried their utmost to bring along this air of Kansai showa-era yakiniku into town. Probably not comparable with some of the top end places when it comes to quality, and seasoning on the heavy end of the spectrum true to its Osaka roots, it was indeed 2 jam-packed but very enjoyable hours nevertheless with an entire bottle of mogura downed in no time.

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