YOSHOKU | はる (Hal’s)


From the Admiralty mall to a Ginza style building to now a high street road side location in CWB, we are happy to report that this rare authentic ‘Yoshoku’ in town is still at its best, if not in fact up yet another notch. With its rather posh establishment in Admiralty as an high end Izakaya with a huge open kitchen, the place was briefly transformed into more a down to earth neighbourhood joint where one technically sits just in front of the kitchen seeing in your own eyes the good old chef in action, preparing your burger or katsu or what not from scratch. Now that it is at a more mainstream location and functioning like a family restaurant, it is further being transformed into a clean and neat Yoshoku place with a bright open kitchen though without the sizzling sounds and smell anymore. LG thoroughly enjoyed the signature curry dish ordered, and the sides of burger and shrimp cutlets were just done to perfection. Still our Best Yoshoku no doubt and likely giving our Best Curry and Tonkatsu a good run for their money going forward as well. Thumbs up!

(Note: The shop is now closed – November 2017)

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