So this Sapporo signature dish is finally here, brought along by Takahashi-san’s SAMA, established back in 2004 and one of the biggies in the industry with eight branches in Japan. Supported by a frequent customer turned local partner, this is their first venture outside of the country, a familiar story among most food joints in town these days from the land of the Rising Sun. While LG was at best a lukewarm fan of this particular dish and paid the visit more out of formalities, I am happy to say that I am probably by now a convert after the visit. Said to be a dish created in the 70s in Hokkaido brought along by some southeast asian influences, LG’s impression of this has always been something like a southern thai curry, which is more like a clear soup with some spices in it and, strangely enough, with rice to go with it. Different from the more ‘soupy’ versions that I have tried before however, SAMA’s is rich and tasty (had the prawn version though the classic is probably coconut cream) and made LG eventually ordered an extra portion of ‘ramen’ to go with it in order not to miss any drop (probably a big no no in the eyes of the strict soup curry aficionados. One is supposed to drink them like a soup, I was once told). Ordered the classic chicken version which always comes with a whole chicken leg, the accompanying veggies are of great quality as well though not sure if indeed all coming from Hokkaido. LG had a good sweat thanks to the spices although they are not as spicy on the palate as found at the other places. Managed even to try a Hitachino Nest White Ale in Nama format, this was indeed a perfect lunch on this cold and wet day.

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