RAMEN | 黒龍 (沖縄.夢ノ弥ラーメン) (Koku Ryu)


The first ramen joint in town hails from Okinawa as far as I can remember. Bumped into an old contact from Sushi Sase there and was explained that she and an ex colleague teamed up with an Okinawa native and brought this franchise to town. Everything is said to be imported, from the soup base to noodles and down to even the spices on the table. Had to give the famed tsukemen a miss this time around as they were sold out in the first hour of the day! The beef tendon ramen tasted, with a soup base derived from Agu pork bones and feet, was not too bad indeed. The black sesame oil as well as the slightly charred taste of the tendon certainly brought out the soul of the bowl and clear soup was actually added in the end to make it less thick so that one can then even add rice to it to make it a really complete meal. Was told that dried fish powder will be added to the soup for the tsukemen and the noodles themselves are made with special flour. Have to save it for another time. While still a very robust and thick soup base no doubt, it is for some reason tasted not as heavy as the usual tonkotsu base and makes one wants to go back for more.

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One Response to RAMEN | 黒龍 (沖縄.夢ノ弥ラーメン) (Koku Ryu)

  1. subitolove says:

    This looks really good! I also just shared pictures of my ramen journey. You may want to take a look! : )

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