YOSHOKU | キャッツ・アイ (Cats’ Eye)


Another Swatow Street new establishment. If Hal’s is the Ginza high street posh version of Yoshoku, this is your neighbourhood mom and pop shop. Interesting idea of featuring two kinds of sauces on one plate together with the fluffy scrambled eggs on rice, reminded the locals much of our ‘Fukien Ying Yang Fried Rice’, it is certainly a good idea for first timer to try them out and pick their own favorite sauce going forward. While the curry was certainly up to standard, the tomato base one with ribs was the nice surprise as it was surprisingly mild and indeed very tasty. They also featured a cream sauce which LG had missed. In general, balanced is the word here and one can nearly felt the tenderness being put into preparing them, much different from the robustness found in Yoshoku dishes in general. Missed the much hyped made-to-order wagyu burger as only 30 orders are available daily and yet to try the home made sausages too. Said to be in collaboration with a retired Japanese chef bringing along his receipe perfected in a half a century old Yoshoku place from Asakusa, another quality addition to the growing local Yoshoku scene.

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