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IZAKAYA | Cave de Gamin et Hanare

A hidden gem in the Shirokane area, this so proclaimed ‘French Kaiseki’ was introduced by long time Japanese friend HM, who never fails to offer some nice surprise in Tokyo restaurant picks. Belonging to the group of this quasi celebrity … Continue reading

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KUSHIAGE | 銀座 六覺燈 (Ginza Rokukaku-tei)

Thanks to Japanese friend AM for making the arrangement, trying out the latest Azabu Juban branch of this one-starred Kushiage joint originally from Osaka. Differ from its more down to earth neighbourhood and deco at the Kuromon market honten (not … Continue reading

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GYOZA | 餃子荘 ムロ (Gyouzasou Muro)

Featured in episode 2 of ‘Wakako Zake’, much attracted by its ambience and the ‘made to order from scratch at the counter’ concept, LG went back to Takadanobaba in search of this 60-year old hole-in-the-wall. Never managed to navigate the … Continue reading

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BURGER | Calbee X Lotteria

Frequent readers will testify that this is not LG’s domain at all but can’t help trying it out seeing it on the streets of Shinjuku, continuing our ‘Ebi’ theme. Calbee prawn crackers are certainly no stranger to us all and … Continue reading

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RAMEN | えびそば 一幻 (Ebisoba Ichigen)

Probably a familiar name to those that frequent Sapporo, this much hyped joint only caught the attention of LG recently as they launch their first instant product, usually a good sign heading to a hall of fame status. Happy to … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 東京アグラ (Tokyo Agura)

Designer turned Ramen Owner Chef Hasegawa-san is back and settling down in Wanchai this time around, an area fast becoming a ramen warzone no doubt. Said to have visited more than 400 ramen joints in Japan to look for ideas, … Continue reading

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YAKINIKU | 焼肉グレート (Yakiniku Great)

Joining the Yakiniku battle in town is this self proclaimed ‘best yakiniku restaurant in the world’ from Utsunomiya. Went for its omakase rare parts course to try out its true colours and I would say it’s a pass but certainly … Continue reading

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