YAKINIKU | 焼肉グレート (Yakiniku Great)


Joining the Yakiniku battle in town is this self proclaimed ‘best yakiniku restaurant in the world’ from Utsunomiya. Went for its omakase rare parts course to try out its true colours and I would say it’s a pass but certainly no cigars. Probably priced a double of what it charges in Japan, yen weakness aside, the issue is more with its lack of variety when it comes to taste and texture. Have no doubt that those are indeed rare parts of the Saga beef being served, itself probably not too highly regarded by the wagyu snobs, it was a pity that they were all sliced thinly and soaked in a rather similar, if not the same, miso sauce. Certainly marbled and tender, it just got a bit blended after a few pieces. Spacey and nice deco for sure, the rather steep pricing of both food and drinks just seemed a bit out of place with the lively and friendly atmosphere it tried to create or in fact inherited from Japan. Will go for the normal cuts next time which seemed to be priced a bit more in line with the market but not sure if they will stand out among its rather competitive peers around the Central district.

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