RAMEN | 東京アグラ (Tokyo Agura)


Designer turned Ramen Owner Chef Hasegawa-san is back and settling down in Wanchai this time around, an area fast becoming a ramen warzone no doubt. Said to have visited more than 400 ramen joints in Japan to look for ideas, his end products have always been striking me as a good collection of ideas from the latest ramen trends in Tokyo and this time is no different. Went for the signature ramen and picked the tonkotsu base deliberately to see if there have been much modification and happy to report that the modern ‘W series’ style is still alive and kicking. The bright spot, and I am still trying hard to remember whether it was there during his TST days, was that wedge of lemon that came with the bowl. A brilliant idea to take away whatever heaviness that came with the soup without diluting its robustness. Priced at HK$ 130 with service charge, this is probably one of the most pricey bowls of ramen being served in town at the moment. While the ramen itself is as good as ever, understanding that Hasegawa-san had put equally intense effort into perfecting it, the mountains of meat on it, with one being even a sort of cold cut with truffle paste, was certainly an overkill. Will be back for the shoyu based one and probably going for the standard version instead. A nice interpretation of the most popular Tokyo style ramen at the moment no doubt but sticking with the basics is what I will recommend. Sounds like a recurrent lesson learnt these days.

(Note: The shop is now closed – December 2016)

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