BURGER | Calbee X Lotteria

pic20150223130436Frequent readers will testify that this is not LG’s domain at all but can’t help trying it out seeing it on the streets of Shinjuku, continuing our ‘Ebi’ theme. Calbee prawn crackers are certainly no stranger to us all and Lotteria did manage to stand firm in the fiercely competitive Japanese fast food industry all these years and thus LG did go with some expectation to try out this much hyped ‘Ebi-burger’. As always, pictures are probably 30% better than the actual for these types of fast food burgers and this one is no exception. While the shrimps with mayo are sweet and those inside the patty are fresh, the relevance of Calbee only comes in the batter for the patty and indeed one can see hints of prawn crackers being crashed and used as the frying dough to give the extra crunchiness. Not bad a try and do expect to see more of these crossovers to come in the future. At 380 today’s yen one has to agree that it is value for money.

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