RAMEN | えびそば 一幻 (Ebisoba Ichigen)


Probably a familiar name to those that frequent Sapporo, this much hyped joint only caught the attention of LG recently as they launch their first instant product, usually a good sign heading to a hall of fame status. Happy to find out that they do have a branch in West Shinjuku, this visit was indeed one of my most anticipated ones to a ramen joint for quite a while. Always a bowl that sounded more appetising than its execution, at least for those ASEAN versions that LG had tried, it was indeed a nice surprise that this version of prawn noodles had finally made an impression, and a rather outstanding one in fact. Robust and rich no doubt, it also left an umami taste yet no major ‘re-hydration’ was needed after. Recommend the thick noodles as it makes the soup sticks better and even its aji tamago was one of the best LG had ever tried. Do stick with the original plain prawn soup to get the best out of your bowl. A good start to the annual CNY trip no doubt and certainly one brand I would highly recommend interested parties to bring to Hong Kong. I seriously think we have enough tonkotsu and tsukemen in town for now.

(Update: At long last, they are finally here in town and we are happy to report that the essence are all kept – April 2018)

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