GYOZA | 餃子荘 ムロ (Gyouzasou Muro)


Featured in episode 2 of ‘Wakako Zake’, much attracted by its ambience and the ‘made to order from scratch at the counter’ concept, LG went back to Takadanobaba in search of this 60-year old hole-in-the-wall. Never managed to navigate the map too well in this neighbourhood, yours truly kept doing rounds and yet to see the shop anywhere. After passing nearly food shops of every type and even witnessing a round of kumite through the windows of a dojo nearby, LG was shocked to find that this gyoza place is actually just opposite the famous tonkatsu place ‘Narikura’. How can I missed it the last time after spending an hour queuing on the street just in front is still beyond me. Lucky to find a seat at the counter and started with some warm sake to get into the mood, the famous ‘garlic gyoza’ was being served. Indeed this was the exact dish featured in the episode and the huge cube of garlic in the gyoza really made me curious. Granted, the garlic taste was actually not as strong in reality as one would imagine, and interestingly even tasted a bit like potato to me with its texture, the execution of the gyoza was probably one of the best I have ever had. Very tender and thin dough on the outside, balanced and tasty ingredients on the inside, just the right sizing to rival its hakata counterparts and yet a much lighter but still crunchy execution, and with the old Master making it all from scratch in front of you from the wrapping to the frying, what more can one ask for afterall. If you don’t mind having tonkatsu for dinner, you can certainly ‘kill two birds with one stone’ next time you are in the neighbourhood. Just have to budget sometime for queuing that is. (A little googling revealed that the joint is operated by the Iwamuros, with the most famous in the family, Sumiko, being hailed as the oldest Club DJ in the world under the handle of ‘DJ Sumirock’ at an age of now close to 80! I am almost certain that she was there helping out that night! )

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