KUSHIAGE | 銀座 六覺燈 (Ginza Rokukaku-tei)


Thanks to Japanese friend AM for making the arrangement, trying out the latest Azabu Juban branch of this one-starred Kushiage joint originally from Osaka. Differ from its more down to earth neighbourhood and deco at the Kuromon market honten (not 100% sure about the relationship as the Tokyo one has its own website), the entrance of this rather posh shop leading to a staircase overlooking the entire restaurant with mostly counter seats already made a huge impression. The 20+ skewers delivered were up to expectations, mostly a more complex version of what supposed to be a basic snack from Osaka. A mixture of seasonal seafood and veggies were used and some rather creative combinations and treatment also made it quite a tastebud roller coaster. Offers a pre-selected list of designated wines and sake, one per type, and LG has only good things to say regarding the recommended Vosne Romanee 1er. Could well be a modern tempura place and the quality executions here really blurred the line between the two. Guess bumping into 向井 理 (Osamu Mukai) on our way out was the best dessert for my friend!

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