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BURGUNDY | Wine Challenge 2015

Fitting in everybody’s hectic entertainment and travelling travels finally after months of wrestling, the annual wine challenge took place yesterday evening. Continuing our Burgundy trail, theme picked this year was NSG with a retail floor of HK$ 500. Long rumoured … Continue reading

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KAPPO| 海老の髭 (Ebi-no-Hige)

A newcomer from Niigata taking a more broad-based approach when it comes to offerings, but with obviously produce mostly from the prefecture. Hitting them late in the evening, I was lucky enough to be seated at the counter having basically … Continue reading

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SUSHI | 鮨佐瀬 (Sushi Sase)

Not the most original post for frequent readers and all the more so for those that have been frequenting the joint. Yes, and officially after three serious visits to test it out, our Best Sushi Lunch title is now going … Continue reading

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