SUSHI | 鮨佐瀬 (Sushi Sase)


Not the most original post for frequent readers and all the more so for those that have been frequenting the joint. Yes, and officially after three serious visits to test it out, our Best Sushi Lunch title is now going to Sushi Sase, and yes, still the same joint holding our Best Omakase title. Horned his skills with Sushi Zen back in Sapporo as one of their youngest chefs, Sase-san certainly needs no further introduction. While having some proprietary suppliers from Hokkaido as well as being well trained at Sushi Zen a big big plus, one has to admit that he is certainly one of the very few in town that paid the most effort into preparing every single piece, starting from the treatment since scratch all the way to the final execution at the counter. Running the risk of giving out secrets, this is not the usual sushi lunch set at Sushi Sase if you just go there as a walk-in. Booking Sase-san himself is a must and getting the room for you and your friends will just alleviate your experience up to an amazing level, and most importantly, all at exactly the same cost as in sitting outside ordering a normal 12-piece lunch course. Visiting during a period of transition from Winter to Spring, we’re lucky enough to have tasted the goodies from both seasons, including some new creations and early season arrivals like the newly enhanced ankimo as well as the trout like king salmon. From tsuke to aburi, smoke and beyond, Sase-san just worked magic all the way with the ingredients. Simply the best!

(Note: Sase-san is now stationed exclusively at the new shop called Sushi Sase Hanare – October 2016)

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