KAPPO| 海老の髭 (Ebi-no-Hige)


A newcomer from Niigata taking a more broad-based approach when it comes to offerings, but with obviously produce mostly from the prefecture. Hitting them late in the evening, I was lucky enough to be seated at the counter having basically a private meal served by Chef Hasegawa-san all the way. Started off with a basic Niigata Junmai, we went from the classic のっぺ (Noppe) to the much raved about 栃尾の油揚げ (Tochio fried bean curd) and finally the Tai-meshi as the grand finale. Certainly an enjoyable evening and I will go back anytime even just for their clay pot rice, the first time I saw them being offered in town and everything prepared and cooked at the open stove right in front of the counter. Serving size is very generous though so make sure you bring along a few friends to share.

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