BURGUNDY | Wine Challenge 2015


Fitting in everybody’s hectic entertainment and travelling travels finally after months of wrestling, the annual wine challenge took place yesterday evening. Continuing our Burgundy trail, theme picked this year was NSG with a retail floor of HK$ 500. Long rumoured to be an interesting theme given the extensive reach and diversity of the region, as well as the perception of it being ‘rustic’ and thus generally snubbed by the snobs, the evening indeed was an exiciting one with all the twists and turns desired for a game like this. With only one team managed to identify their own wine and up to three thinking that one same particular bottle was in fact theirs, you can sense how entertaining had the evening been developing. Adding on top was the final Top two being 100% identical wines and yet both teams thought the other team’s was their own bottle. As expected, four out of the six competing teams opted for the VR adjacent Aux Boudots or Murgers and the Top three were all ready to drinks rather than from the classic vintages. After two rounds of intense tastings, the ’07 Grivot was eventually crowned Champion (and Second!) of the night.
As in all previous years a highly enjoyable and yet humbling evening. The said to be ‘peasant’ wine from Burgundy again reminded us how unpredictable wines from the region could be, and yet always full of excitements and surprises.
Thanks to LG’s wine buddies for yet another great showdown and the crew at Steik for some close to perfect executions of both the tournament and the dinner. Love that Spanish Burgos steak!

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