PIZZERIA | Napoli’s


Invasion from Japanese chain store continues, and now even the pizzaiolo is here. Brought along by Endo Holdings (also behind Kuroko the Ramen place that’s recently in town) and now with some 33 outlets in Japan (and growing), the shop picked a rather interesting location in TST to kick start in town, their second overseas outlet after Vietnam. Apparently brought along only the fast food version of the joint (Pizza and Caffe) rather than the seemingly more poshed one (Pizzeria Bar), the encounter was slightly disappointing for LG. Picked the Preimum Margherita being featured as the flagship product, the dough was chewy enough for a Neapolitan pizza and yet rather soggy, to the extend that one can’t really hold up a slice without seeing it collapsing. Counter productive indeed given so much hype has been given to the oven being used. At this rate it is probably at best a Pizza Hut/Spaghetti House alternative and the Motorino’s of this world shouldn’t be losing sleep about it yet. With the standard ‘one coin’ Margherita (8-inch) being offered (at HK$ 35) and a rather customer friendly price tag across the board, it is probably still a good option for students but nothing more for now.

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