YATAI | 鬼多郎 (Kitaro)


Finally had the chance to bring along sake buddies to this favourite Yatai in Fukuoka of yours truly’s. Friendly owner put on his usual good show both nights, when the true Hakata Yatai spirit was being showcased. Kicking off with the signature local sake, a super dry ‘Hakata no Mori’ served at room temperature, from Mentaiko Omelette to Motsu Yaki, we all had a blast. Nice surprise this trip was to find out that the ramen being served was actually a hidden jewel and could easily rivalled most of the big boys in town, a dish that LG had somehow mistakenly missed time and again in the past (despite seeing most of the locals coming in just for that in the wee hours), and was indeed a very fitting finish to the entire encounter. Best Yatai in Fukuoka no doubt! (note attached address as there are apparently a few of the same name in Fukuoka and not sure if they are connected or not. To be sure, this one is just next to the famous yatai that does yakisoba)

Address: 鬼多郎 – 福岡県福岡市中央区天神2-14-13天神三井ビル横

(Update: Sad but confirmed, our favourite Yatai has finally moved indoors. Found it here for some unforgettable tastes: 福岡県福岡市南区向新町1丁目8−1 – December 2017)

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