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KAPPO | 俺の割烹 by 銀座おかもと (Ore no Kappou by Ginza Okamoto)

Finally ventured out to try this new joint at LKF brought into town by the Shanghai-nese group XNG. Established by Takashi Sakamoto back in 2011, it actually started out as a standing bar serving Italian food in Shimbashi. Continuing its … Continue reading

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THAI | Nahm vs Bo.lan

Another piece that is slightly out of LG’s comfort zone. Took the opportunity while in Bangkok to do a lunch face off of these two recently much hyped Thai restaurants in the global culinary scene. Arguably all coming from the … Continue reading

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SAKE | 東一 (Azumaichi) and 鍋島 (Nabeshima)

Sake buddy JM’s special arrangements brought us a blitz visit to Saga’s top two breweries and what a contrast. At Azumaichi we were walked through in details every single step of their process at this very traditional maker, echoing a … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 麺鮮醤油房 周月 (Shugetsu)

Entering its fourth year in town and opening up its third branch, Nagakawa-san’s joint from Shikoku probably needs no further introduction. While much have been said regarding its special shoyu and its home made ramen (no small feat itself given … Continue reading

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RAMEN | らーめん・つけめん漁場台風 (Taifu)

Certainly a Johnny-come-lately, LG finally had the chance to try out Ito-san’s famed joint in town. Said to have first horned his skills at the ‘Mecca’ Ramen Jiro Meguro shop, he then went on to be advised by the likes … Continue reading

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