RAMEN | らーめん・つけめん漁場台風 (Taifu)

IMG_0111Certainly a Johnny-come-lately, LG finally had the chance to try out Ito-san’s famed joint in town. Said to have first horned his skills at the ‘Mecca’ Ramen Jiro Meguro shop, he then went on to be advised by the likes of Rokurinsha and then Butao, among others, and made the decisive move of closing down his ‘starred’ joint in Japan, brought along his staff and reopened in Hong Kong some 3 years ago. Opening up his second branch at a slightly more accessible part of town just last month, LG visited during the lunch session which they serve only tsukemen. It’s signature Seafood-Tonkotsu soup base all the same, this Taifu version of tsukemen is certainly having less of the bonito flakes influence like the usual suspects and yet much deservingly replaced by a very robust hint of black pepper. The ramen itself and the much hyped ‘heating stones’ were not much to write home about however, and so was the aji-tamago. A surprisingly fitting taste in this red hot summer nevertheless and the soup base itself is certainly of quality. Worth a try for those, like LG, that had never made that trip all the way to Tsuen Wan before.

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