RAMEN | 麺鮮醤油房 周月 (Shugetsu)


Entering its fourth year in town and opening up its third branch, Nagakawa-san’s joint from Shikoku probably needs no further introduction. While much have been said regarding its special shoyu and its home made ramen (no small feat itself given the humidity in Hong Kong regardless of all the imported ingredients), LG made a revisit recently just to try out its Abura ramen again, still a hidden jewel probably and certainly the best, if not the only genuine one, in town. One might be tempted to link it with the Shanghai-nese spring onion oil noodle, but what really sets it apart is the raw egg that comes with it. Beating and mixing with the noodles, this is pretty much a Japanese Carbonara in the making. Though there will never be any official verification to this, Wikipedia did trace its origin in Japan back to Tokyo’s Hitotsubashi University canteen in 1952 before spreading over to the likes of Asia University. Right down the alley for poor students back then for its robustness and indeed not too far off from the Keio-induced Ramen Jiro later on with its concept if not the style. Probably will appeal better to the local palate than the much hyped Tsukemen these days, given some quality ‘al dente’ ramen to start with and the chef’s willingness to go a bit easier on the oil.

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