RAMEN | ばり馬 (Bari-Uma)


The fifth addition to the local ‘Tang Lung’ Ramen Street, which nowadays certainly rivalled any street of its kind even in Japan, this Hiroshima joint is the second hailed from the prefecture in town after the spicy Tsukemen-cum-Karaage shop Bakudan-ya.

Labelled as the ‘richest’ tonkotsu shoyu ramen, which is quite different from the classic chicken broth shoyu from the region, the bowl was unfortunately too blended for its namesake. The black pepper on offer certainly helps but still falls short of lifting the taste, and the much hyped char-siu was again just so so. A consolation was the hane-tsuki gyoza, indeed crunchy and certainly the best of its kind seen locally so far.

Itself probably a safe bet for the local taste, this franchisee that has been conquering for the group in South East Asia probably has underestimated the competition on the same street. All eyes are now certainly on the first casualty from this ‘ramen battle zone’.

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