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SUMIYAKI | うかい鳥山 (Ukai Toriyama)

Not a usual suspect from the Ukai group of Teppanyaki fame. Tucked out there at Mt. Takao which is some 50 minutes away from Tokyo by train, this turns out to be a great escape from the hustle and bustle … Continue reading

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KAPPO | ごでんや (Godenya)

Certainly another key endorsement of our beloved city being the platform for Japanese food and sake to go international, Goshima-san went all the way to move his Sumida shop from Tokyo into town a few months ago, bringing along tens … Continue reading

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RAMEN | 鳥華亭 (Torihana Tei)

The latest reincarnation of what used to be called Torihana, which shot to fame in town by an unexpected Keanu Reeves visit and then slowly fade to grey. Was said to be somehow connected in the past with the Kibi … Continue reading

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KAISEKI | 銀座奥田 (Ginza Okuda)

Coming from the three-starred Kojyu’s stable and in Shizuoka native Okuda-san’s namesake, expectations were indeed quite high before visiting this two-starred establishment, under the care of Aomori native Igarashi-san, Okuda-san’s right hand man. While both (Kojyu is just upstairs in … Continue reading

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SUSHI | 銀座 鮨一 (Ginza Sushi-ichi)

While LG was certainly well briefed by the internet beforehand, Chef Masa still appeared to be on the younger side to have a rather prominent shop in Ginza, let alone being starred once before in 2012 and now having branches … Continue reading

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RAMEN | すごい煮干ラーメン凪 (‘Awesome’ Niboshi Ramen Nagi)

The Shinjuku joint of ramen whiz-kid Ikuda-san, who is best known here in town as the man that brought along the local favourite Butao. In today’s Japan, however, this Niboshi (dried infant sardines/anchovies) joint is actually now more what Nagi … Continue reading

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KAISEKI | 日本橋 ゆかり(Nihonbashi Yukari)

Third generation Chef Nonaga of Iron Chef’s fame, though not starred, has been mega popular online and surprisingly so among foreign visitors to Tokyo. Guess this legendary show’s influence globally is still not to be dismissed nowadays. Classified as Kaiseki … Continue reading

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