KAISEKI | 日本橋 ゆかり(Nihonbashi Yukari)


Third generation Chef Nonaga of Iron Chef’s fame, though not starred, has been mega popular online and surprisingly so among foreign visitors to Tokyo. Guess this legendary show’s influence globally is still not to be dismissed nowadays. Classified as Kaiseki by most, it was surprisingly hefty and robust and one really has to make an effort to ensure all the expectedly high quality ingredients were given their well deserved attention. Colour was another recurrent theme as one could see from the pictures, and even the Chef’s own namecard is printed in purple! As with the shop’s architecture and interior design, a touch of East meets West could be seen in quite some dishes. From the use of cheese to the dish of tofu x tomato purée x uni, finishing off with soy milk risotto with a raw egg, creativity was just right without overwhemling the overall balance of taste. Didn’t have the chance this evening to sit right in front of the counter of the famously friendly chef but nevertheless very well taken care of by the few friendly yet experienced ladies at a quiet table by the window. Worth a visit for sure but do bring along an empty stomach if you are going for the biggest menu.

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