KAISEKI | 銀座奥田 (Ginza Okuda)


Coming from the three-starred Kojyu’s stable and in Shizuoka native Okuda-san’s namesake, expectations were indeed quite high before visiting this two-starred establishment, under the care of Aomori native Igarashi-san, Okuda-san’s right hand man. While both (Kojyu is just upstairs in the same building) use very similar seasonal ingredients as could be expected, the interpretations are quite different according to the Somm, who works at both in rotation. Not only that the relatively high expectations were matched, the biggest surprise came from the unnamed junior grill chef that man the chargrill and executed some out of this world fresh Ayu and wild Unagi. While I still doubt whether it was indeed only one year of experience under his belt as self proclaimed, LG probably have just had his best Ayu in life, the best of quality no doubt and certainly of a uniquely smaller size than most seen in the market. Right in the middle of its season as well, the Unagi was also the rare wild breed that is so difficult to locate these days, regardless of the price tag. More a ‘Tokyo style’ Kaiseki one can argue, more upfront and less of an art form as in Kyoto, it was nevertheless a very satisfying dinner in mind and stomach. Highly recommended.

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One Response to KAISEKI | 銀座奥田 (Ginza Okuda)

  1. Nice article. And indeed, we tried kaiseki while in Japan and it was a fabulous experience that we would also highly recommend. As 2 westerners (inc. a French one), you may find interesting to read about how we experienced it:

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