SUSHI | 銀座 鮨一 (Ginza Sushi-ichi)


While LG was certainly well briefed by the internet beforehand, Chef Masa still appeared to be on the younger side to have a rather prominent shop in Ginza, let alone being starred once before in 2012 and now having branches in Singapore and Bangkok. Being the first clients of the day, atmosphere was rather dubious at the beginning as we were surrounded by up to 7 people from the house and the sushi rice served was still on the warm side. The chef was his chatable self as reported and despite none of the dishes served was anything ‘wow-able’, one still has to admit that at 6000 Yen (one of the basic courses) with 2 fish dishes and 8 nigiri featuring all the seasonal goodies, this is still a steal. Not your classic edomae and yet not really over the top modern as well, the whole encounter reminded us surprisingly of some of our local VFM (value for money) favorites. A must try in Tokyo? No. But certainly a bang for the buck sushi lunch in Ginza.

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