RAMEN | 鳥華亭 (Torihana Tei)


The latest reincarnation of what used to be called Torihana, which shot to fame in town by an unexpected Keanu Reeves visit and then slowly fade to grey. Was said to be somehow connected in the past with the Kibi group in Japan, which only chicken broth (鶏白湯) ramen being Burari (ぶらり) at Meguro, and the most likely roots of this current local version. That relationship apparently came to an end back in August 2013 and now this local shop is independent, run by a Japanese chef in town. Interestingly they are also giving out cards of another ramen shop, Kamitora (神虎), in the district, probably a mutual support scheme of the two shops if not for some actual cross holdings. Well publicised as the ‘enriched’ version of the old Torihana, the soup was indeed robust and slightly gluey, thanks probably to the chicken feet. Though not everybody’s favourite, yours truly actually found the chicken ‘charshiu’ pretty unique and tender, and a much welcomed alternative to the usual pork ones. The use of fried lotus roots and baby asparagus gave some extra crunchiness to the entire bowl and all in all a good execution of chicken broth ramen. For those that don’t like pork but crave for a bowl of robust ramen in town, this may indeed be a good choice.

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