SUMIYAKI | うかい鳥山 (Ukai Toriyama)


Not a usual suspect from the Ukai group of Teppanyaki fame. Tucked out there at Mt. Takao which is some 50 minutes away from Tokyo by train, this turns out to be a great escape from the hustle and bustle and could be easily done as a long lunch with a mini excursion. Guess the pictures attached are better than a thousand words. With each table being basically a mini villa of its own with a view, spreading all over the premises with a brook running through and the works, it is indeed easy to get distracted from the food. From carp sashimi to the signature Toriyama chicken and other seasonal goodies to be charbroiled right at the table, it was indeed a really enjoyable meal. Not your most fancy ryotei nor Kyoto style kaiseki, the standard was nevertheless of quality as would have been expected from the group. Probably one of the best kept secrets for those on business in Tokyo and yet having a few hours to kill in order to wind down. Recommended.

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