RAMEN | ラーメン凪 (Nagi)


Back in town, visiting Ikuta-san’s official local branch of Nagi that certainly went through a roller coaster ride before finally settling down selling its ‘Butao’ line tonkotsu ramen from Japan and nowadays all over Asia. While much have been said about his dispute with his former local partners that brought along the ‘Butao’ brand, the visit was more to check out what’s on offer here as all the dusts settled. Secretly hoping to find the Shinjuku favorite niboshi style to be offered alongside the tonkotsu style, as LG somehow read about it being the case with a twist during its low profile ‘BB ramen’ days, it is now back to the classic ‘colour coded’ Butao style tonkotsu, with just the ‘daily special’ added on top. Having the reputation of serving a different style of ramen DAILY during his formative years in Shibuya, this one here apparently is just a layback version featuring a different type of ‘fragrance oil’ every now and then on top of its tonkotsu base. Tried out their current special nevertheless being ‘Katsuo oil’ with a decent dosage of dried katsuo powder on top, it resembles the soup base of the very popular Tokyo style tsukemen these days, just that it is in a ramen form. Not sure whether it was the twist with the special oil or just fundamentally different, somehow I found the soup base here a bit more tender and balanced than the ‘other’ Butao here in town, which seemingly going further the opposite direction after declaring its ‘independence’ and making it a bit too heavy for LG to stomach at times. Welcoming the ‘official’ arrival of yet another renowned brand from Japan no doubt, one would probably still like to see its niboshi style being featured someday which will certainly add much colour to the local ramen scene.

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