RAMEN | 豚王 (Butao)


Just when we were talking about niboshi ramen, and voilà! And who would have thought it was actually the friend turned foe of Nagi in town that spearheaded that. It’s an ironic world out there, even in the ramen space. As their monthly special for September, Butao chose to feature the clear shio version of this robust dried sardine based ramen. And I must say, it was indeed a great idea. As the Nagi shoyu version back in Tokyo was trumpeting their robustness all along (remember the 20x of niboshi used), LG has always wondered whether the other famed niboshi shops in Japan are actually of a more subtle shio base and what it will then taste like. And here, the query has been answered, and indeed, in style. Was a bit shocked to find out that the monthly offering has only another day to go and one has to hope that the overall comments are good enough for it to make a come back one day, if not being featured prominently on the regular menu alongside the colour-coded tonkotsu ones, which LG has found them overly robust ever since their move out of LKF. Afterall, given its popularity these days in Tokyo after the Tsukemen wave, it shouldn’t be a surprise to see the niboshi war coming to town real soon.

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