RAMEN | 煮干鰮らーめん 圓 (Niboshi Iwashi Ramen En)


Finally took this trip to Hachioji and lucky enough to get there just before the peak of the queue to cut the entire round trip down to within 3 hours to and from Tokyo.

By far the reigning Niboshi king according to most rankings, Tanaka-san’s, formerly of duck ramen fame, venture into being a Niboshi specialist fortunately did live up to the relatively high expectation. A subtle and no frills 7-seater, pretty much standard settings among the elites these days, the entire process witnessed at the counter was again a well practised ‘art’ down to each and every single detail. The broth was probably the most balanced one I have ever tried from a bowl of ramen and funny enough this one actually reminded me of those from our very own wonton noodles. The charsiu was also of quality and brought up old memories of Peking style braised pork slices. The only downside was a slight sense of thristiness afterwards and I am certainly hoping it was not what I suspect it was. The fragrant oil, for what it was worth, was indeed the soul of the bowl and probably the only reason for me if I ever have to make this little outing again. Another much hyped current shoyu ramen trendsetter in Greater Tokyo checked.

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