RAMEN | Japanese Soba Noodles 蔦 (Tsuta)


So here I am at the most hyped ramen place in Tokyo at the moment, topping every chart and being featured in every ramen related show these days. As what ‘koizumi-chan’ suggested, it was close to a 2-hour affair all in, squatting and standing with fellow fans at the back alley in true solidarity. The 9-seater inside was nice and comfy nevertheless, with every lucky customer that finally got seated watching religiously the entire process being performed for each ‘holy’ bowl in front of their eyes. LG’s curiosity laid primarily with what makes this joint tick as it is now certainly leading the next wave of Tokyo ramen after the Tsukemen and Niboshi trends of late. The answer is actually simple as it turns out. This is Tokyo ramen back to its roots, the good old Tokyo Shoyu ramen is back, and with vengeance.

While shoyu ramen of Tokyo fame was originally basic food stuff at Japan’s earliest Chinese restaurants, the latest versions, as seen also here, have certainly gone into the finesse end of things. Seen earlier at k-emon of Osaka that twisted it with seafood broth and a light shoyu, the guys here have chosen to go with a much refined chicken broth. The bamboo shoots were one of the softest I had ever tried and the noodles made in house were certainly up to standard. The familiar looking truffle paste on a slice of pork was certainly much more balanced and better executed than their copycat seen in town (now we know where that is probably coming from). May not be my favourite nor am planning to go back for a 2-hour ritual any time soon, it is certainly still a worthwhile visit for those interested in gauging the latest pulse of the Tokyo ramen scene.

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