SUSHI | すきやばし次郎 (Sukiyabashi Jiro)

A tricky piece to write to say the least as am fully aware of Ono-san’s equally large contingent of friends and foes out there. Decided to go for the visit entirely out of respect to this old sushi master who certainly put the culinary art form onto the world’s map thanks to David Gelb’s documentary. Mindful of its Edomae roots, LG was still much surprised by the generous sizing as well as the high acidity of the famous 19-piece Jiro trail, which did finish indeed on the dot within 30 minutes. While putting up the best etiquette in order not to be regarded as a ’touristy gaijin’, one didn’t really feel the intimidation as indicated by fellow commentators nor that it was a ‘rush rush’ affair. The flow was indeed quite natural and probably just about the right amount of time to complete the trail from start to finish in one go. Also of notice was the relatively warm sushi (body temperature as widely reported) as well as the temperature inside the shop. While it was claimed to be yet another full house night, we didn’t witness any second serving nor queue when we were enjoying the fruits and tea at the back seat. Given Ono-san’s stiff straight standing posture while serving, probably an hour in total every night was indeed the limit for the 80 plus year old. The straw smoked Katsuo was probably LG’s piece of the night and there were certainly no regrets as in going through the ‘Jiro experience’ all in all, a worthy once in a life time event no less.

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