RAMEN | 隠家拉麵工場 (Kakurega Ramen Factory)


A long overdue revisit of this probably first ever proper Tsukemen joint in town, brought along by the same group that introduced Butao and certainly found one of the most hidden places for its name sake to open the shop. The Japanese partner was said to be Yamate Ramen from Shibuya, popular among Tokyo University students given the proximity to one of their campuses. Rather than Tsukemen, Yamate is probably more famous for some of its rather funky soup base, though most of those are not being offered here. Knowing the background, I believe one will be missing the point putting it alongside the Tsukemen greats as this can never be compared to the likes of Rokurinsha nor Itto. That said, I will still take this anytime rather than the much hyped chain recently landed which offers nothing more than a bowl of late night oily wannabe. LG still recalled the first encounter with bonito flakes as well as the custom of adding hot broth into the unfinished dipping sauce, both experienced here quite some years ago. Personally found the acidity a bit on the high side for the sauce given probably a hearty dosage of the much hyped seaweed vinegar in it though the extra broth at the end did thankfully balance it off. No need for die hard fans of Rokurinsha and the likes to make the trip and the noodles are certainly not as good as even Shugetsu in town. Gimmicky given its location and deco and still worth a try for those that have never been there.

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