RAMEN | つけめん TETSU (Tsukemen TETSU)

IMG_5356Are we the capital of ramen south of Japan or what? Yet another top tsukemen joint from Tokyo entering the battle of ramen in town, and in fact just off the Tang Lung ‘ramen war zone’ again. A multi brand chain no doubt, the execution was way much better than the other much hyped chain, not to mention the few other local adoptions. Said to be their first overseas shop as well (how many times have LG heard that by now), yours truly is pretty sure that they were once featured at the ‘Ramen Champion’ in Singapore, though catching much less attention back then. LG went for the spicy version this time and it was indeed the right choice. The chilli and dried shrimps flakes (reminded us of Diamond Hill dan dan noodles) mixed very well with the noodles before they got dipped into the sauce and this is definitely a much smarter idea than serving a bowl of hyper oily spicy sauce as seen at the less refined places. The noodles, said to be made specially with their own branded ‘Tetsu-102’ flour, is probably the best I had so far in town, trumping even the much acclaimed ‘Shugetsu’ ones with its chewiness. The sauce (pork/chicken bones and dried fish) is much more balanced (read less salty) than most of its counterparts and this original shop that brought us the ‘yaki-ishi’ certainly executed the finale very well, down to the last drop. Reigning tsukemen king in town no doubt.

(Note: The shop is now closed – September 2017)

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