OMAKASE | 大蔵 (Okura)

12308833_1094107320600577_8858729762671129145_nChef ‘Lum’ of Naha fame’s new shop. Always enjoyed his ‘Kitsetsuryori’ style of Omakase back then and it seems like nothing has really changed over here after nearly half a year’s break. Worth special mentioning is this Matsukawa Karei from Hokkaido (nicknamed the King of flounder), certainly the first time ever for me and the texture was indeed an interesting mix of flounder and buri-like and yet very balanced. It’s also getting into the Kawahagi ‘liver’ season and chef’s liver sauce to go with its sashimi is still the best I have ever tried. The liver itself was of course unbeatable but I suspect the best of the season is yet to come. The grilled fresh in-season Shishamo was of course nothing like its usually sad frozen and dried counterparts and it is a pity that they don’t have a real charcoal grill there to further alleviate the taste. We didn’t ask for any ‘luxurious’ item in addition and thus the bill did come out quite reasonable. With perpetual free corkage for all at this joint and now at a much more central location, this is a worthwhile oasis to visit in the heart of CWB.

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