RAMEN | 真武咲弥 (Shinbusakiya)

IMG_5480Here comes a new challenger! Hokkaido born and Sapporo ‘Sumire’ trained Okumura-san (奥村宗弘) brought along the latest wave of Sapporo Miso ramen, last seen way back in town by the likes of 888, as well as the ‘quasi’ home-grown Sapporo and Domon. Known now more for its Shibuya shop and being active on the Tokyo ramen fair circuit, owner ‘Toki’ does bring along a ‘challenger’ spirit by its ‘bushido-like’ named shop as well as the ‘samurai-noodle’ website, and, surprise surprise, picked Hong Kong to launch its first overseas shop. Smartly featuring the wok behind glasses at store front, certainly a drawcard of any typical Miso ramen for its wok-fried toppings and saucing, the ramen here is deliberately named ‘aburi miso’ as well, quite fitting for the complex and rich taste of its miso soup (said to be a mix of white and red miso, and the touch of raw ginger on top also added an extra layer), probably the most robust LG has tried in years. Arguably more suitable for the cold winter days, now is probably the time to give it a try.

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