YELLOW CROAKER NOODLES | 汉舍小雅 (Epicure Noodles)

IMG_5517A classic bowl in Shanghai that is like beef noodles in Taipei to me. First got introduced to it at the original Xia Mian Guan in Shanghai nearly a decade ago, we have been seeing its coming and going with all the shop’s offsprings in town and recently even nowhere to be found in the more ‘accessible’ part of town. Thanks to long time friend EC and the almighty ‘dianping’, gave this a go while in Shanghai and loved it. Fresh and tender yellow croakers no doubt, the soup was creamy and ‘sweet’ yet without the usual fishy taste. The slightly tossed snow cabbage also a nice additional touch and this is now by far the best in the category for LG. Do make a point to visit this nice and cosy joint in the easily located Jing’an area when you next visit the city. At the meantime, would somebody please let me know where I can still find a decent bowl in town south of Jordan please.

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