RAMEN | 弥七 (Yashichi)


This much talked about Osaka based ramen joint after King-emon is actually tucked in a quiet down to earth corner of the town. Arriving only third on the queue and still counting the luck, it was soon found out that a queue ticket is actually being given out with an exact suggested time to come back, thanks to the rather procedural ramen cooking process and etiquette of finishing within 5 minutes being practised by customers. Again, probably only in Japan. In any case, it was a much bearable 20 minutes affair and LG was in. As in common practice went for their basic version to try out the real McCoy and it was GOOD. Probably the most complex when it comes to soup base that LG has tasted, with a creamy chicken broth mixed with soyu and topped up also with a hint of dried bonito. What’s more, at least three different types of onions, from the greens to the western white ones, all piled in to make the entire encounter even more robust. The coarse ground black pepper on the table is also a nice addition especially when it gets to the end. Tsukemen quality ramen being used and indeed the right choice as well given the hearty soup base. The dish ‘Carbonara’ comes to mind as an after taste though certainly not as heavy. Yep, a must try in Osaka.

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