RAMEN | 味仙 (Misen)


Thanks to accompanying sake buddies that didn’t mind one last round of late night supper, after in fact already quite a few rounds, get to try this interesting place that served something called ‘Taiwanese ramen’, which in fact is what local Nagoya ramen is being named. It all started with this establishment dated back to the 70s, when a Taiwanese immigrant Mr. Kwok (郭明優) started to serve an adopted version of what originally was the Taiwanese dan-tsai noodle. To cater to the more robust palate of the locals, heavy dosage of raw garlic, chilli and oil are being added and it became what is now known as the local Nagoya ‘Taiwanese’ ramen. Other establishments in the city also featured the Abura version of it (called Mazesoba, originated from Menya Hanabi) which attracted a equally large following. Misen is probably unique in the sense that it still keep its classic Taiwanese cuisine deco and offers the full range of dishes from MaPo tofu to stir fried veggies. While it was certainly on the oily side, LG loved its robust garlic and minced pork taste, which in fact blended in very well with the slightly thick and chewy version of noodles being served. Certainly a Nagoya classic worth visiting, but probably ideal after a drink out night.

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