YAKITORI | 千亀 (Senkame)


Finally got the chance to try this long time favorite among locals in Nagoya after all these years, thanks to a well planned sake buddy JM. Cosy environment and yet very friendly service to first time visitors for an establishment of such high reputation. Being in Nagoya probably also fended them off from the ‘star chasers’, thus still keeping the enthusiasm. From the start it was already clear that the execution is certainly worth its fame. We were lucky to have started off with a few orders of the rare parts, all from the famous Nagoya Cochin of course, which were really good and not surprisingly got sold out in just an hour’s time when we try to ’tsui-ka’. The style here is the char-broiled one which basically smoked the skewers to a state that they are slightly crunchy outside and yet as tender as being slow cooked inside. All of LG’s favorites, from liver to heart, were done as good as yours truly have ever tried, to the extend that we even went one step further to challenge the chicken ‘balls’ (wink wink, not Tsukune!) that one had passed so many times before at equally reputable yakitori-yas. Not premium sake bar level when it comes to their drink list, but the idea of serving ‘One Cup’ version of quality local sake is no doubt an interesting touch. I will probably vote this as the best Yakitori place that I have ever been to so far, and certainly the kind of ambience that one prefers versus the upscale star-studded peers.

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