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TENDON | 土手の伊勢屋 (Dote no Iseya)

In anticipation of the new venture called ‘下町天丼 秋光’ by their 5th generation coming to town, highlighting again this old time favorite of most of LG’s drinking buddies. Tucked in a rather remote, and some may even say rundown, part … Continue reading

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SAKE | 羽根屋 + 幻の瀧 in 富山 (Toyama)

A blitz visit to this recently much talked about region after the opening of the Hokuriku Shinkansen. With the help of the super friendly yet knowledgable Iwase-san of Mikunihare Shuzo, we kicked off by paying a visit to Fumigiku Shuzo … Continue reading

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GYOZA | 浪花ひとくち餃子 餃々 (Chao Chao)

Here comes the No. 1 gyoza dedicated chain originated from Osaka (will group the two ‘Ohshos’ more under ‘Japanese style Chinese restaurants’). And yes, Hong Kong, again, is the destination of their first ever overseas shop. Indeed LG’s usual late … Continue reading

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OMAKASE | 宮葉 (Miyaba)

An encounter with this popular Edomae joint among locals with a reputation that rivalled Jiro’s in Tokyo. Said to be the joint that always manage to get the best pick from Tsukiji among all, expectations were no doubt high. As … Continue reading

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