OMAKASE | 宮葉 (Miyaba)


An encounter with this popular Edomae joint among locals with a reputation that rivalled Jiro’s in Tokyo. Said to be the joint that always manage to get the best pick from Tsukiji among all, expectations were no doubt high. As with most recent visitors, didn’t get to meet the old man behind, in his 70s now and apparently a 8th generation master who honed his skills at the legendary Kouzushi at Kyobashi frequented by the Emperor. The apprentice, who obviously is also the level of a master by now, didn’t disappoint though. Hate to admit but like the style here much better than those of ‘the sushi god’. Less robust in taste with the rice and sized in a more manageable way for diners to try out the full range, it was a very solid execution all in all. As at Jiro, the maguro tsuke was out of this world, and actually more so here, with the piece actually having a crunchy texture despite the marination. At a price tag threatened to be a black hole and eventually turned out to be Jiro standard, this is probably not going to be a usual joint for most. Having said that, they do offer a 3,000-5,000 yen lunch which, if the same standard is kept, is probably a steal. Worth a visit if you haven’t been there. Tuck inside Hamamatsucho instead of among its posh Ginza peers another breathe of fresh air.

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