GYOZA | 浪花ひとくち餃子 餃々 (Chao Chao)


Here comes the No. 1 gyoza dedicated chain originated from Osaka (will group the two ‘Ohshos’ more under ‘Japanese style Chinese restaurants’). And yes, Hong Kong, again, is the destination of their first ever overseas shop. Indeed LG’s usual late night hangout at the Ginza-7 area, it is a pity that they choose a rather quiet neighbourhood in Wanchai and closes at 10 pm here already in town. Quality maintained thanks to probably the imported gyoza frying machines and if anything it appears more of a specialised gyoza place here comparing with its casual izakaya style back home. Teething exists especially with the servers thus track your orders like a hawk. Alcohol should be on the menu anytime soon which indeed is a key draw for this place that one basically eats nothing but gyozas. Probably not bad of an idea for a holiday afternoon snack or happy hour. The history was a bit all over the place with this joint with the official webpage claiming a certain Nishi-san (西研三) being the grandfather of ‘Naniwa’ gyoza, started it all at his tiny Chinese restaurant in Osaka back in the Showa-era. The present joint, which slowly developed itself into its leadership role today, was established back in 1999 in the Umeda area instead. Now whether Nishi-san’s original restaurant was actually from the Namba/Naniwa area and hence the so named gyoza is still yet to be verified. At the meantime, enjoy the latest treat in town over a cold beer or highball as summer is near.

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