TENDON | 土手の伊勢屋 (Dote no Iseya)

IMG_5631In anticipation of the new venture called ‘下町天丼 秋光’ by their 5th generation coming to town, highlighting again this old time favorite of most of LG’s drinking buddies. Tucked in a rather remote, and some may even say rundown, part of Tokyo, this establishment is probably the only draw card for out-of-towners, or maybe even Tokyoites, to visit Nihonzutsumi north of Asakusa. Arguably the opening of the Tokyo Sky Tree has since re-established interests in this older part of town, to the extend that specific guidebooks and maps are being made to assist those that would like to go for a stroll in search of the Showa shitamachi atmosphere.
This joint, however, is even way older than that. Said to be established back in 1889, it was well situated at the gate of the Yoshiwara red night district back then to serve those that work or frequent there, and was apparently named after the origin of the former owner, being from Ise. Certainly the taste of Edomae ‘shitamachi’, the Tendon served today is still on the oily side with a rather hearty sauce on top of a generous portion of tempura goodies in a historic shop that is filled with the smell of sesame oil.
Not to be mistaken with your starred tempura shops in Ginza with posh store front and deco, this is where the locals (and yes, tourists too) go for value for money Tendon and feel nostalgic.
Certainly worth making the trip if you are a Showa-era lover like yours truly.

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