SOUSAKU WASHOKU (創作和食) | ラ・ボンバンス (La BOMBANCE)


Thanks to work and dining buddy DC’s invitation, visited this newly opened joint from Nishi-Azabu with one-starred fame. Kicking off with parma ham and foie gras on top of a mini rice ball, it was indeed a bit too ‘creative’ for my taste at the start. Luckily it just gets better from there and by the sukiyaki beef not to mention the subtle clay pot rice with truffle and raw egg, accompanied by the bottle of ‘Asian beauty’ PB, most if not all have been redeemed. Chef de Cuisine Takayuki-san certainly has a tall order in front with the mother ship back home and owner Okamoto-san’s reputation to keep. Just hope the clientele in town will indeed embrace ‘creative kaiseki’ going forward.

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