RAMEN | 豚燻 (Ton Kun)


Probably the second or third attempt for locals to take on the Yokohama ‘Iekei’ style ramen as LG can remember, this was unfortunately still on the ‘light’ side of the fence when it comes to robustness, and particularly on this day when not even the ‘milky’ colour was seen in my bowl. Granted, I was the first one there today and probably it will get better by the evening as the broth got simmered further. As well, though they claim it being ‘Yokohama style’, they didn’t state that it is indeed ‘Iekei’ style thus it is certainly up for interpretation. Interesting enough, they tend to suggest the ‘miso’ base here rather than the usual ‘tonkotsu shoyu’ for Iekei. That aside, the thicker noodles and the spinach were all there, with the exception of only the quail eggs to make it a genuine bowl of lekei. All that being said, the focus here is actually the pieces of ‘smoked charshiu’, as its namesake suggested, and that didn’t disappoint. Probably still not as finnese as those at the good old ‘Mist’, and tasted much closer to slices of ‘smoked bacon’ found at breakfast, these are indeed the drawcards here, reportedly using Kagoshima Pork (and not Iberico as being pitched by some distributors while I was there) and certainly diligently smoked with Sakura chip. Taking over probably the old GoGo Curry/Teppan Kozi ‘alley’ shop on the same street as Ichiran and open till 11 pm, probably a late night bowl is what one should strive for after some rounds of drinking in the CWB neighbourhood to give it the first try.

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