RAMEN | G麺7+ 啜磨専科


Interesting pop-up store concept by a local F&B group brought along Yokohama’s Goto-san (後藤将友) and some of the signature bowls from his series of shops. Over a few visits LG finally managed to try the flagship ones and it was all worth it. The classic shoyu ramen that he first made his name from certainly reminded me of some of those found in a typical old fashioned Yokohama Chinese restaurant and the heavy dosage of sesame oil in it did bring out that nostalgic kick. The much raved about clear chicken broth one featuring the ‘dried chicken flakes’, pretty much made the same way as the traditional bonito flakes, was interesting and yet a bit on the salty side with only a very subtle chicken flavour. The so-called Michelin named tsukemen, found in his other shop back home called ‘ 啜磨専科’, said to have a hefty dosage of ‘Katsuo oil’ in its dipping soup, was probably the least memorable of the three, though the home-made noodles, resembling ‘inaniwa udon’ in LG’s opinion, are certainly Goto-San’s signature. Due to its thin and flat nature, however, one shouldn’t expect it to soak up the soup effectively much and thus probably a better fit to the normal ramen bowls with soup instead. It is also a pity but understandable that there was no choice of the F or H style noodles nor the Soba-like ones (to go with the tsukemen) being offered here as in back home. Said to be finishing its 3-month stint on September 15, there are still a few days left for those that are interested. Save you the trip to the outskirts of Yokohama if nothing else. No matter what, love this ‘pop-up’ ramen store concept which has also proven to be quite successful in Tokyo and looking forward to more from the group and maybe even the others to follow suit.

(Note: The pop-up store is now gone – December 2016)

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